Dedo Pene

Dedo Pene Inn and Guest House in Bansko

"Dedo Pene" House

An architectural old-time house in the center of Bansko

About the house

The house Dedo Pene in Bansko is situated in the center of the town, next to the fence of the church Saint Trinity. This is the heart of old Bansko where on the winding cobblestone small streets you can still feel the spirit of the past. The building is constructed in 19th century and it has preserved its authenticity, because all the constructional improvements through the years have been made in accordance with the requirements and the tradition of the local architecture. Dedo Pene is not a part of the contemporary building that copies the old Bulgarian architecture, but is absolutely authentic old-time house.

The interior of the house, today open for all the visitors, keeps the traditional style of Bansko and typically for the region is filled with bays, caches and fireplaces with live fire that keep the Bulgarian coziness and the memories of old times. When you are in the region, do not miss the chance to visit Dedo Pene even if it is just to see one of the symbols of Bansko.



The house is built in the far 1820 (during the Ottoman domination) by the family of Nikola and Kerafina Pumpalovi from Bansko. The architectural style and the construction are made by the old craftsmen and are typical for the period. It is named after the son of the young family- Petar (or as it was pronounced Pene according to the dialect in Bansko) and this name is preserved up to now.

In the past the house is used as a public house, and its ownership even now is kept in the same family and its inheritor. During the communist regime it is managed by the onetime authority and the owners were not permitted. In 1956 it is declared as a cultural monument and is protected by the law of historical buildings.


In 1992 one of Dedo Pene’s inheritors (third generation) succeeded, with a lot of love and efforts, in reviving the tradition of his ancestors and Dedo Pene is now open for visitors. With its authentic atmosphere, traditional furnishings and the beautiful natural environment around it, today Dedo Pene offers professional service, national Bulgarian cuisine and warm hospitality.