Dedo Pene

Dedo Pene Inn and Guest House in Bansko

"Dedo Pene" Inn

Traditional cuisine and a selection of wines in the heart of Bansko

About the Inn

"Dedo Pene" inn is one of the top places for food and fun in Bansko. You can attend the place even without a reservation. It is open every day from 11.00 am to 11.30 pm and through the whole year.

Enjoy the delicious food and beverages in a natural for Bansko atmosphere. The inn is situated in an authentic building, built in 19th Century and typical for the region. The inner architecture consists of bays, caches and fireplaces with live fire. There are also well-preserved articles of virtu, which you can admire while you are waiting for your order with friends and family.

The live music and the performances of authentic Bulgarian folklore complete the first-class service.



total seats
at "Dedo Pene" Inn
seats indoors
available all year round
seats outdoors
in the inner yard with a BBQ, in suitable weather


The cuisine offers traditional local dishes: kapama, chomlek, sudzhuk, karvavitsa, as well as the local dry specialty - "Banski starets", made according to old home-made recipes. Different fresh and palatable type of meats, cooked on a plate and appetizers, on wood coals above the embers of the fireplace. If you want to try the local specialties, "Dedo Pene" inn is the place - here you will also receive the original recipes.

The inn offers an exclusively rich selection of wines. Here you can find the most qualitative wine from the best winery regions in Bulgaria and abroad.

Menu of your choice

On a preliminary order we could prepare a special menu for you and your group – vegetarian, gluten free, under spacial requirements or simply of your own choice. Contact us for more information.

Part of "Unique Bansko"

"Dedo Pene" inn is a proud member of the association "Unique Bansko" - a local organization of the inns, which are possessed and managed by people from Bansko. One aim of the association is to confirm equal standards for dining in authentic restaurants in Bansko. Each one of them serves meal typical for Bansko and the uniqueness of the recipe is preserved from generation to generation. This trade guarantees authenticity in the cuisine in "Dedo Pene". You can read more at

Events in Dedo Pene

The inn is a perfect place for celebrations – a wedding, christening, anniversary, birthday or a name-day, and New Year’s Eves. At Dedo Pene you can make a reservation in advance and arrange a menu of your own choice for yourself and your group. Call us for more information and an offer.

During major town events such as the ski season opening, the students’ holiday, New Year’s Eve, etc., the inn is usually fully booked as reservations are made months beforehand, so do not put yours off – the staff of Dedo Pene Inn is expecting you!